The Canadian Multicultural LEAD Organization For Mentoring And Training is a registered charity. Our aim is to help youth and adults turn challenges into opportunities through empowering them to build key skills that are founded on four principles: Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement, and Determination. Since inception in 2007, the L.E.A.D. Program has provided 1:1 mentorship to over 300 students across the greater Toronto area. 94% of high school students have successfully transitioned from high school to University/College and the workforce through their participation in the L.E.A.D. Program. MISSION STATEMENT We give individuals from youth to seniors the support to develop strategies and tools to create their own success stories. charitable objectives • To advance education by offering mentorship and training programs that develop positive emotional and moral maturity; • To advance education by providing tutoring and guidance counselling to youth; and, • To relieve seniors by providing educational, recreational, and social programs to increase literacy, promote health, and alleviate isolation by promoting inclusion. the l.e.a.d. organizational values are: • DIVERSITY: We embrace people of all backgrounds and communities in our work. We focus on what we share in common; draw on the strength of diverse perspectives; and include multi-disciplinary approaches in our culturally inclusive programs. • RESPONSIVENESS: We listen to the people we serve, our partners and our stakeholders. We consider their collective intelligence an asset that helps us to do better. Our programs are responsive by design, with modular structures that enable flexibility to adjust. • COMPASSION: We care first. We notice, feel and respond to needs quickly and with appropriate support. We manage all relationships with the intention of letting everyone know they are always valued. • COLLABORATION: We work as a team. We foster co-creative relationships where responsibility and accountability for outcomes and solutions are shared. We build capacity through partnership; and work as equal partners with beneficiaries, volunteers, institutions and individual stakeholders alike. • COMMUNITY: We embed volunteerism and community service in all aspects of our work, from governance to programming. We recognize it, measure it, and reward it. Our message to the youth of today is ‘life is a long road but thankfully we don’t have to walk it alone’. The Canadian Multicultural LEAD Organization for Mentoring and Training is a registered charity offering programs that enlighten and empower youth to succeed. We are proud of all our LEAD students. Our strategic focus for the L.E.A.D. Program is to maximize the impact of enhancing students’ social and emotional learning. We have identified our four core competencies amoung the pillars of self-worth, self-management, life skills and community engagement. The L.E.A.D. Program serves to train and equip high school students with practical life-skills. Knowledge indeed becomes the secret of empowerment. Life skills learned in the L.E.A.D. Program enable the students to be adaptable to the changes they will face in life as they mature. As mentors, the program directors recognize that failure is a part of success. The students are motivated to become confident leaders moving on from the relative dependency of high school to the independence of College, University and ultimately the work force. The focus of The L.E.A.D Program is to move the students from risk to resiliency while emphasizing the values of Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement and Determination.

Charitable Registration Number:  83337 1156 RR0001



The Canadian Multicultural LEAD Organization For Mentoring And Training does not share personal information with any other organization, under any circumstance. If you no longer wish to receive communications from us, you can remove your name from the mailing list at any time. You will only receive applicable tax receipts and donation acknowledgements.



All donations are spent on board-approved programs and projects. If you specifically designate your donation to a program or service we will spend it on that program or service with the understanding that if the need for such a program or service has been met, or if the program or service cannot be completed for any reason determined by the board, the remaining designated donation will be used where it is needed most.


Board of Directors

As the governing body the Board overseas policy development, sets strategic direction and monitors performance against short and long-term plans.

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